Tuesday, June 19, 2012

An Update on the Ranch

So, what has been going on with the animals while I've been lounging around writing poetry and snoozing on the couch?  Brett tethers me to the house when he is home but Monday he went off to work and I headed outside with my camera to feed the horses lunch and give you an update. 

The Blanket Flower jumped out of the flower bed and started growing in the lawn.  I'm hoping it continues its migration into the orchard.  I love these flowers.

Poppies are supposed to be done blooming by now.  These didn't get the message.

Easter lilies are blooming.  I don't like this angle but with my cast, I couldn't get low with the camera.  Grrrr.

Jackson is packing on weight again.  We moved him out of the paddock when Winston arrived and then never moved him back in since he was getting along okay with the herd.  However, he is getting chubby and he is also getting bites from the others (I suspect Winston).  He can't move fast on those laminitic feet so he gets nailed.  We put him back in the paddock where we can regulate his hay intake and where he can socialize without being bullied.  I gave him a bath.  He was pleased.

I was very popular at lunch time.  Kalvin and Flash came up from the bottom of the pasture where they were napping under the oak trees to meet me, nickering as they came.

I tried to get a good picture of Kalvin, but he wouldn't keep his head out of the hay long enough for me to do so.  He is going to be moving to the barn where his owner works on July 1st.  We will miss him but it is best all the way around.  Kalvin and his owner have an amazing bond.  They will be together every day when he moves.  Kalvin will live in a stall with a large run out.  I think he'll be happy.  He loves being in the barn; he has spent most of his life there and I think it is a place of security for him.  Since we got Winston, he hasn't had a stall in the barn and he complains about that.  He stands behind the run-ins and paws at the gates.  His move will also mean less for us to muck and that's a good thing too.  Especially since I can't help Brett with my broken foot. 

He will leave here fat, shiny, sassy and sound.  We feel good about that. 


  1. fare well, kalvin! and i hope jackson can be more comfortable again.

  2. Great shot...especially the lilies!
    Good news for Kalvin and his owner (he looks gorgeous). One less horse makes quite a difference. I hope your foot is less painful. The massage therapist I go to was just at the farm and she did a number on me...hot stones and all. She will come back next week too. Hopefully it will make a difference. This morning I did chores with the exception of stall cleaning. We are in a 3 day heat wave.

  3. Your place is so lovely! I love seeing all of your pictures!

    We've finally found a new home for our two little bucklings and will be down to the basic critters by this weekend. It seems odd how one or two less critters to worry about makes such a huge difference (especially such little creatures, but we couldn't keep the boys either way)

  4. The ranch is looking great!
    I love blanket flowers too. They are one of the few ornamentals that grow well in our harsh environment. But boy, can we grow thistles!

  5. What a wonderful change for Kalvin and Jackson still looks really good! Love the flowers - and the blanket flowers I have in my garden (populating like mad). Love them as they bloom later than everything else.

  6. Seeing his special person every day will be wonderful for Kalvin. Jackson looks great, too!


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