Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Brett and Winston

Brett's been a life saver with my broken foot.  He does all of the chores, morning and night, without complaining too much.  He doesn't complain when my foot is too tired and achy to stand on in the kitchen and make dinner.  I'm working from home as much as I can, but I still need to go into the office once or twice a week -- and he drives me there and back.  Yesterday, he even offered to ride Winston for me.

I went down to the barn with him and got Winston out of the pasture.  Winston met me at the gate and slipped his head right into the waiting halter.  I groomed him, with Brett hovering in the background, worried that Winston would step on my walking boot.  Winston didn't do anything of the kind.  He was even a gentleman about picking up his feet -- instead of the usual whining and squirming.  He was filthy.  The fine dust of the pasture was embedded deep in his coat.  I went over him three times with the curry comb and stiff brush and it still flew off of him like Pig Pen in a Charlie Brown comic strip.

My dressage saddle is too small for Brett and his is too wide for Winston.  Instead, we tacked him up Western so Brett could use his saddle and they would both be comfortable.  Winston wasn't sure about Brett riding him at first, and Brett wasn't sure about Winston.  They quickly figured each other out, both of them working at understanding the other.  Winston's ears were on Brett and before long he was striding along in a nice frame.

It was a little tougher for Brett.  Winston is very different from Flash in his energy level, stride and sensitivity.  Brett had to really swing his hips to stay with Winston's walk and the trot was too big for him to post well in the trail saddle.  On a long rein, Winston was soft in his eye and relaxed.  Brett tried taking up the contact and Winston immediately tensed up.  I suggested that Brett just work with him on a long rein since contact is a work in progress.  I know the feel that I have to use to keep Winston relaxed but it's hard to describe.  Right now, I just want Winston to get some exercise.

They walked around the arena for 20 minutes or so.  Brett said he'd be happy to ride him again for me.  Winston liked the idea too.  Brett is a lot more about fun than I am so I think they will have a good time together.  Maybe Brett will work with him on obstacles and such.  I think they would both enjoy that.


  1. Great idea, and I think Brett and Winston look darn good together. Good job!

  2. OK. Posse training in a very large covered arena with bleachers on both sides in 2 weeks. It will be attended by at least 20 police agencies including LAPD and the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department. Probably 100 plus horses. The usual sensory; fireorks, battle balls, crowd control, gun shots,(blanks), tarps, mattresses, many flags, stuffed dummies, flares, smoke bombs of varying colors, lights, sirens, baton training on horseback, airmen blowing around. Just the usual pasture experiences that horses expect. May as well have Winston jump in with all 4 feet. Flash will brief him prior to the training. No worries.

  3. HAHA, looking forward to hearing about the Posse training, Brett!
    Winston looks nice & relaxed in the photos, though, it's great to have someone willing to keep him ticking over

  4. Such a wonderful husband you have!

  5. Winston looks like he's listening well. He's got his ears on Brett. As always - impressed with your husband. :)

  6. The posse training sounds intimidating, but oh so great. I wonder if we could organize something like that at our barn...
    I think Brett and Winston look they're enjoying one another. How great that Brett can ride him for you.
    Just catching up on some of your older posts too - Camille looked very beautiful for her prom.

  7. I hope your foot heals fast...not being able to do the things you enjoy is not fun! {Hugs}


  8. What a great guy you have... I hope my husband is as obliging when I have shoulder surgery at the end of this month. Hope you are hanging in there.

  9. Brett and Winston look good together!


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