Saturday, June 23, 2012

Les Chevres Miserables

Brett started working on building a tie line for Bella so we have a permanent way to tie her, that still allows her some freedom in the goat area.  His first endeavor was to set two posts in the ground.  We decided to let the goats out of the pen so they wouldn't be underfoot while Brett was digging holes, and pouring concrete around the posts.

Brett gathered his tools and prepared himself for the work.  (That Coke is for energy, I'm sure).

Bella was sporting her new collar, complete with her name and our phone number.  Hopefully, someone will call us instead of tying her to a post next time she goes for a walk around the ranch.

Bella checked out Brett's tools and decided that they didn't taste nearly as good as my apple trees.

She rounded up the troops and headed for the battle field.

You have to humor me;  Brett and I went to see Les Miserables (the 25th Anniversary tour -- amazing!  Loved it as much, if not more, than when I saw it years ago).

Cue the music:  Can you hear the people goaties sing?

The horses were on high alert.  Prepare to man the barricades flee!!

Never a dull moment on the ranch.


  1. oh, bella. things would be so much easier if you'd just stay with your herd...

  2. She's such a little girl! I didn't realize how small she is until I saw her with the tools. How can such a little girl be such a big pain, lol!

  3. THe saga of Bella. Would it be easier to have a higher fence? She is really putting you guys to work. So what happens? Part of the time she is out with the others and when you are not around she goes on her tie line? Never a dull moment at Aspen Meadows.

  4. First of all, I think four bags of concrete mix make and excellent man-chair. Second, after Bella takes the other goats around, you may be needing more tie-outs. Third, you horses are beautiful. Just in case I never told you that.

  5. All that work for nothing? And I lost my man-chair too!


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