Saturday, June 16, 2012

Brett Plays With Winston

While I was in the house last Thursday, on the computer listening to a webinar for work, Brett played worked with Winston on sensory stuff.  I've asked Brett to help me write this post since I didn't see 90% of what they did.  I managed to run outside and get a couple pictures, and to see Winston playing with the props, licking and chewing, and looking for more.

Winston had a great time picking trashcans up in his mouth and dumping them over. 

After introducing Winston to all the obstacles, Brett tacked him up and rode him around, over, and through everything.   Brett was able to fling a plastic bag full of cans over his head, across the arena, and across Winston. 

They were relaxed with each other.  Brett said he felt more comfortable riding this time.  They trusted each other and Brett is getting used to Winston's big gaits.  Brett had a radio blaring while they rode around.  They played with the flag and then walked, and trotted, over the tarp covered with cans.  Winston crushed a couple of the cans and didn't even flinch.

Brett thinks Winston would make a good mounted patrol horse.  Noise and stuff don't bother him and he would be very good with the public.  He loves attention.  The only challenge would be Winston's big gaits during formation riding.  The posse rides at a jog and Winston has a forward trot -- and I don't want him to start thinking about anything except forward with energy and impulsion. 

So, sorry Brett.  You can't have my horse.  But you can play with him as much as you want.  He was in heaven being in the arena with you and all those toys. 


  1. once again, what a good boy you've found in winston!

  2. Way to go Brett. When Annette is able to ride again she is going to have one well rounded horse. Everything you are doing is going to be so helpful. I would want Winston too. A great time for you two to bond. Good luck Annette!

  3. Wow, I'm impressed. That's great training!

  4. Winston is gorgeous! I love his blanket. That was such a good lesson. I wonder if Brett can come over and work with my horses...

  5. I would have loved to have been there to watch. I wonder what your neighbors thought? Winston is such a great horse. He just gets better all the time. Great owners too.

  6. Cool! The making of a bombproof trail horse!

  7. It is nice for the boys to have some time together. I guess the mounted police just need to add a female to their line. The other riders will have to learn to let their horses trot bigger to keep up with Winston!


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