Friday, June 8, 2012

Goat Fix

This morning I told Brett that I wanted to feed the goats.  I haven't been in their area for over a week.  Last time I went in, Little Bear trampled on my broken toes so I've been reluctant to return.  But my toes are feeling better.  Stronger.  Less achy.  I was ready! 

The goats saw me coming and ran to the fence to greet me.  How can you resist a welcome like this?

I filled their feeder with hay and cleaned out the water bucket, refilling it to the brim with cool, clean water.  Then I spent some time with each one.  Except Cowboy -- he was in a skittish mood.

The always lovely Bella. 

Little Bear who was underfoot (as usual) when I got the hay out of the shed -- so he got a hay hat.

My buddy Thistle.  He won't eat breakfast until we touch noses and I rub his face.  I love him.

Whiskey.  He's very quiet and sweet.  If you sit down, he will try to crawl in your lap.

Cowboy.  Sometimes he wants love and sometimes he doesn't.  This morning he didn't.

  We're off to San Luis Obispo today to move my son, Kyle, out of his campus apartment and into the apartment he is renting for the summer.  Dinner tonight at Thomas Hill Organics.  I'll try to remember my camera.  Lori is so good at that.  I eat my food and THEN I think: oh, I should've taken a picture. 

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Love the goaties. Hope you remember to take some pictures. Loved your bread post. Ummmmmmmmm.

  2. I just LOVE your goat posts. They're so sweet and sound so loveable!

  3. Love the goatie pics and I am so sorry to hear about your toes. I moved my daughter last weekend. I never really liked moving. Does it ever end? :) B

  4. So weird!! I'm reading a book based around SLO! I'd never even heard of it before lol. Good luck with the move and be careful with your toes.

    Your goats are so adorable and make me miss mine.

    I'm slowly getting caught up on your blog. I'm not commenting as much as I normally do because it slows me down too much, but I'm loving every post!


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