Monday, June 18, 2012

Catching My Breath

The past almost-week has been a whirlwind of activity.  Last Thursday, it started with this:

Fortunately, they let me sit on the field in the handicapped area so I didn't have to navigate the bleachers with my walking cast.

Saturday, we were up early to drive to Santa Barbara where we had Camille's graduation brunch.  Camille has three of her four grandparents still living and I picked a location close to them so they could all attend.  The food was superb, the guests well behaved, and the weather gorgeous.  We were gone all day -- just couldn't pry ourselves away from the beautiful Santa Barbara coast.

Camille is not comfortable being the center of attention.  This picture is SO Camille.

My family, the kids'  father's family, Kyle, and friends.  
 Around the table starting at the head and going right: my dad, my mom, Camille's Auntie Cheryl (Randy's sister),  Randy's mom, Randy (Camille & Kyle's dad), Kyle, Camille, two friends of Camille's you can't see, my good friend Heather (you can't see either), yours truly, and Brett.

Ahi Tuna tartar on Parmesan crisps

Cheesecake with raspberry sauce and tangerine sorbet

S'Mores:  Chocolate pot with a marshmallow and vanilla ice cream. 

We got back home later than planned -- after dark -- and Bella, who was tied up outside the shed where the goats sleep, was screaming her head off.  She continues to jump out every time we untie her.  She wanders further and further down the road.  She eats the plants and shrubs in the neighbors yards.  Sigh.  Anybody want a jumping goat?

Sunday morning my foot was killing me.  I stayed on the couch all day with it up.  I even took a nap in the afternoon which is something I never, ever do.


  1. congrats to your lovely daughter! what a great celebration!

  2. Amazing...beautiful....great shots....what a restaurant, and that food presentation! Mama Mia!

    I'm hurting today too. Must be sympathy pains.

  3. Annette she is beautiful! And so was that meal! Her and her brother look to be twins. What a special day. What next for her? College?
    I wish Bella wasn't such a pill!

  4. If you don't want her anymore, I will take her back :)


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