Saturday, June 30, 2012

Guess Who's Still Here

The lab at Washington State University didn't get everything run by the end of the day Friday.  They said results will not be available until the tests are completed next Thursday.  Really??   I have no idea when we are going to get Bella to the breeder's place.  The next two weekends I will not have a Bella transport vehicle available.  Brett will be busy driving across the western US transporting grandchildren.  sigh.

So, Bella gets to spend the next however-long living on her high line.  Brett set it up so she can get to water, food, shade under the aspen tree, and the porch of the goat shed.  She still hates it though.

It was hot today, close to 90F.  It always feels about ten degrees hotter than it is up here.  I think it must have something to do with the altitude.  Nobody felt like doing much.

Jackson was hanging by the water trough.  He's happy in his paddock, moving pretty well, and starting to lose a bit of weight.

Flash and Winston were in the barn, enjoying the shade.  Flash was dozing while Winston was flinging his grain bin around.  He picks it up in his mouth and runs it up and down the wall like a washboard.  Sometimes he gets carried away and throws it into the barn aisle.  Then he's frustrated when he can't reach it. 

Brett was busy loading up the horse trailer with his mounted patrol tack.  He has a deployment this evening at a big park where there is an Independence Day celebration being held.  Brett hates the bridle they use for for the posse.  It's a pain in the neck to put on with extra leather everywhere you look.  He practiced putting it on before leaving.  Flash wasn't real thrilled with that but he does look handsome once its on. 

Winston doesn't like being left out. 

While Brett finished getting ready to go, I headed back to the house to put my foot up.  I checked on Speckles as I went by the hen house.  She's still broody.  How long do they stay like this??

Tomorrow we move Kalvin.  I'm looking forward to seeing the therapeutic riding center, where he will live, up close and personal.  I'll take lots of pictures.  Promise.


  1. well, kalvin's leaving but bella's hanging on the line... :)

  2. Don't you have a friend that can move Bella? How about a big dog crate in a van or the back of an SUV? Your poor foot! Nothin's easy. It sure will be different with one less horse.

  3. Jackson is looking good! I can see the weight change.

  4. i love the highline for bella. so kind of brett to go to that trouble for the little troublemaker!

    brett probably already knows this but often i disconnect the bit hangers and put the headpiece on first. then i clip the right bit hanger on, put the bit in, then clip the left bit hanger on.

    i love combination bridles!

  5. Oh Annette I do hope everything works out OK. Your photos are lovely. Take care. The photos from the therapeutic center will be nice to see. HUGS B


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