Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hangin' With the Dogs

When the weather is warm, I camp out on the porch with my books, magazines and poetry notebook.  The dogs like to join me if its too hot to dig for squirrels.  The patio is my favorite place on the ranch.

Kersey loves to chew up sticks.

Sedona will be 10 years old this summer.  Hard to believe. 

Apparently, I'm not supposed to leave Kersey out of the pictures.  She had to see what I was doing.

The rose (and Jupiters Beard) hedge making the patio private.

Jasmine on the gate perfumes the patio. 

Kersey is hoping that I am getting up to feed them... three hours early.  Fat chance puppy dog.


  1. oh, i LOVE your pups!!! so beautiful and sweet!

  2. GORGEOUS pups Love their happy expressions.

  3. And I can never find you! Maybe I should have you "chipped" so you won't get lost in all of your private garden rooms. Time for another "room" at the end of the arena under the trees, sort of a "man room".

  4. Your porch looks lovely - I love the tree-trunk table and the jasmine! Dogs are great companions, they just like to be with us all the time and are so undemanding (except for my naught one when she's got Cat persecution on the brain)

  5. I love the optimism of dogs. Even though they eat at the same time every day, every year, they still hold out hope that you will forget and feed them early. And maybe twice ;)


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