Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Winston Wigs Out

Yesterday, my new camera came in the mail.  My old camera was, well, old.  It is in the neighborhood of ten years old and the zoom stopped working.  I bought another Canon Powershot because I had been so happy with my old one.

I'm a point & shoot kind of gal.  This one served me well.  My new one is so small compared to this!
This is a test picture I took with the camera last night.  These strawberries from the local organic farm are amazing!
This morning after breakfast, Brett and I went down to the barn to ride before our vet arrived for spring vaccinations and to evaluate Flash's hocks. 

Winston and Flash were very mellow while we tacked up.

Both horses were excellent when we rode.  Winston was mellow and working with me.  Afterwards, I gave him a bath so he'd be clean for Dr. Thacher and let him graze while he dried.  When she drove up, both he and Flash barely looked up from the grass they were nibbling.

Winston was fine with her until she put her stethoscope on him and tried to listen to his heart.  Then he wigged out -- just like he did with the dentist.  He jumped sideways and landed on her foot.  Not good -- or acceptable.  We ended up putting on stud chain; then a lip chain; then putting him in the wash rack with a lip chain.  Just to get two shots done.  He was crazy, out of control, out of his mind scared.  I wonder what happened in his past because this is not the Winston that I know and love.  He was happy to get love and carrots from Dr. Thacher when she finished and he followed her around the pasture while she vaccinated Kalvin.  So strange.

Dr. Thacher also did flexion tests on Flash's hocks.  A-OK.  No hock injections for him.  It looks like the shoes have taken care of the problem.

Tonight before we did chores, I got out our stethoscope and sacked Winston out with it.  He wasn't too sure at first.  He gave it a good sniff and was okay with me rubbing it on his face but when I started to move towards his neck he got nervous.  Eventually, he was standing still and relaxed trying to kiss me while I held it on his heart.  I think I'll continue to work with him regularly and see if I can't get him past this.  I also noticed some hives on his neck and barrel -- probably a reaction to the vaccines.  He seems fine otherwise -- bright eyed and alert. 


  1. hurray for flash!! and hope you can get winston calm! weird how he was happy w/ the vet afterwards...

  2. In an odd way, your Winston story actually makes me feel good. It reminds me that perfectly nice horses can wig out in certain situations, but that doesn't make them "dangerous" in all situations.

  3. Great news for Flash. Odd that Winston reacted so dramatically. There must have been a bad experience somewhere in his past with vets. I'm sure you'll work through it with him and he'll be fine next time. Glad they were both in good health.

  4. It does make you wonder.
    I just love Winston's halter - it's perfect with his coloring.


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