Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cayucos: Friday

Friday morning, Brett and I rode Flash and Winston around the ranch before leaving town.  Brett and Flash went on a long trail ride earlier in the week, on the flat, and Flash did not get sore in his back at all -- despite wearing the trail saddle.  The problem is definitely hills, and most likely his hocks.  When Dr. Thacher comes up later this month to do vaccinations we will have her examine them.  Winston was relaxed and happy.  The only time he balked was when we got back.  He didn't want to go back to the barn.  I put him away and groomed Jackson while Brett got hay set up for Amy, who watched the animals for us while we were gone.  Jackson was gimpy all last week.  Sigh. 

We picked up Camille from school when she finished class and headed out of town.  We took a round about route to avoid the Friday afternoon LA traffic.  We drove through lemon, orange and avocado groves before coming out along the coast in Ventura.  From there, we followed the ocean up to Santa Barbara where we turned inland to take San Marcos pass through the coastal mountains.  As we came down the backside of the pass into the Santa Ynez valley, there was an old convertible in front of us, driving erratically.  The car kept sliding over to the center line and then back over, onto the shoulder, and back again.  When Brett passed him, Camille and I got a good look at the driver.  He looked like Willie Nelson, stoned out of his mind: long pony tail, bandana, whiskers, and a vacant stare on his face.  When he veered all the way across into oncoming traffic, Brett called 911.  A few miles down the mountain, we passed a highway patrol officer sitting on the shoulder waiting for Willie.  He pulled out behind the convertible and a minute later his lights came on.  The guy couldn't even pull over without almost taking out a guard rail. 

The rest of our drive was uneventful.  We picked up Kyle at Cal Poly and drove the rest of the way into Cayucos.  After checking into our inn, the four of us went across the street for dinner.

The Cass House Inn and Restaurant

We had dinner at Schooners which has my all time favorite clam chowder.  Camille and I both had a big bowl.  The night was cool so the chowder was perfect.  Brett had seared Ahi and Kyle had a calamari steak. We ate on the upstairs deck which isn't fancy but has a view that can't be beat. 

I took this picture the next morning when they were closed, but you get the idea.
After dinner, we took Kyle and Camille back to Kyle's campus apartment where Camille spent the weekend.  Brett and I went back to the Cass House and hit the sack. 

Captain Cass: he founded the town and our inn was his home.  Circa 1867


  1. where's mr cass's girth?

    i'm glad you got such a quick response from the police. as you know police here don't actively patrol highways like they do back home. the cameras take care of the speeders so there's never a moment of "oh no, a cop!" as you drive, if you happen to see a police car. i'm so impressed with the overall skill of drivers here. you just don't see bad driving - the driver's education class is worth that much money, apparently. of course they are extremely assertive here. since i've heard other european counties aren't as orderly, and have speed limits, i wouldn't doubt it that the germans are the world's best drivers. america is the best at a whole lotta other stuff (technology, foreign aid, research, non-stop cheerfulness..).

  2. I love the look of that Inn and the ocean view was perfect. Sorry Jackson had a bad week.

  3. Sounds like a nice trip. Hope you're having lots of fun.

  4. glad you had some great family time. :)

  5. It's nice that you brought it back to horses. ;) Looks like a dreamy location!

  6. I love reading about your trips. The routes have familiar names and sound so beautiful. The Inn and restaurant look like a perfect destination - what a great weekend.

  7. A weekend away sounds so gooood!

  8. Bless you guys for calling the cops on that guy. Probably saved lives there. Next time you do this, be sure to get photos of the groves. All I have to look at here is corn.
    The food sounds wonderful, as did the whole weekend : )

  9. I'm with Lytha! Where is Mr. Cass's girth??

    Sounds like a wonderful trip and you're right the view from that restaurant is gorgeous. :D Glad you guys had fun.

    I agree in saying thanks for calling the cops on that guy! I've done that before when someone was swerving all the way to the shoulder on the OPPOSITE side of the road!! I used the non-emergency line though so I have no idea how fast they got out there or if they did anything about it. When I passed them they were looking into the backseat where there was a dog, so maybe they were just distracted, but sheesh pull over please!! That is soooo dangerous!


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