Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Stills: Beast or Beauty

Take something bad and find a way to make it look good/find some beauty in it – at least photographically. Like an invasive weed, dusty cupboard, scummy pond, flies…
I didn't find anything ugly but I did find something beautiful that drives me nuts.

When I planted our landscape, I put in some Jupiter's Beard because it is a beautiful color, drought tolerant, and it attracts butterflies. is also extremely invasive.


It also grows where I don't want it; like in the middle of my shrub roses.


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  1. oh, wow! i'd like some of that here - just for the beauty and the butterflies! of course, i don't plant anything else so it would have nothing to invade. :)

  2. The first photo it's so nice with that much color in it.Lovely!!

  3. Certainly a beauty, too bad about it being invasive.

  4. I will look that one up. Maybe it would grow here! Not many ornamentals do.

  5. I like it..I suppose it won't grow in Minnesota:(

  6. Interesting! Lovely color. Too bad it's a pest. Always something, eh? ;-)

  7. Nice shots :)


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