Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Everything is Breaking

First, thank you to everyone who has left me clinic advice.  It's all great and I'm making a "to-do" list.  I want this to be successful so people come back -- and that way Gayle comes back.  Ulterior motives, I admit.  Keep the comments and suggestions coming.

There is a fast moving rain storm coming in today.  We did the morning chores under cloudy, cool skies.  As we were finishing up, our wonderful electrician arrived.  Remember when Brett and his friend replaced the water heater in the barn?  Well, it stopped working and when Brett checked it he found that he must have wired it wrong and fried the thing.  So, Don came up and fixed it, confirming that Brett had indeed made a mess of the wiring.  Brett is an exceptionally handy husband but he isn't an electrician.  Now we have hot water in the barn.  Jackson will be pleased; he likes warm water for his bath.

The water heater is located up at the top of the ladder.  

 Last weekend our washing machine crashed.  I did some research and found that it would be better to replace the washer, given its age, than repair it.  After further research, I picked the make and model that I wanted and looked online to see who carried it (Whirlpool).  Sears was the closest store so we went down Sunday and bought one.  It was scheduled to be delivered Tuesday in the late afternoon.  When I got home from work, there was no washing machine.  Brett said that the delivery guy called in the mid afternoon and said his GPS was telling him to take a twisty turning windy dirt road to our place.  Brett told him to ignore his GPS (that road is for off road vehicles) and take the highway up the mountain.  That, apparently, wasn't something he could do.  We got an automated phone call saying the delivery guy couldn't get his truck up the road and delivery would be Wednesday evening. 

This morning, when I got back in the house after chores, there was a message saying they had cancelled the delivery and to call to reschedule.  I was pretty angry.  No one will be home tomorrow and the laundry is spilling out everywhere.  I made a few phone calls and they got us our washing machine delivered this afternoon.  It's hooked up and working.  Yes!

Then my tall riding boots died.  The zipper bit the dust.  The boots are old and I have certainly gotten my use out of them but the timing isn't good from an expense standpoint.  I have huge calfs, like seriously HUGE.  Off the rack boots don't fit over my calf so I have to get semi-custom or custom ones.  The zipper in the old boots couldn't be replaced without costing a small fortune.  So, I ordered new boots.

The clouds left at around noontime and the sky was a deep blue.  I did some work in the garden, lingering outside despite the humidity that was building by the minute, because it was just so beautiful out there. 

Brett was busy making everything look fantabulous.

Strawberries are starting to ripen.

I love apple blossoms
The clouds moved back in, thicker and darker.  We are supposed to get quite a bit of rain tonight.  We will bring the horses into the barn tonight, but they are hanging out in the pasture this afternoon. 

Kalvin and Winston at the pond.

Of course, they had to run up to see me.

All in all, a good day at Aspen Meadows. 


  1. yay! hurray for getting the new washer! whew! and i know what you mean on wide calves! i could never wear regular riding boots back when i rode.

  2. So much for wiring. I think I'll stay with weed whacking. More my element.

  3. I'd say you have completed your string of breakdowns! I love seeing all the horses together. Looks like they are doing well. And ummmm, those strawberries. Did you get my emial about clinics?

  4. I hate it when everything decides to crash in together..! My tv has just done it and a looong weekend (holidays looming...)with no tv is going to be it for us...

  5. Wow craziness but look, you made it thru unscathed. I'm with you - HUGE calves and finding boots that fit is a nightmare. Glad you got the new washing machine (isn't that delivery business a joke?) and all is well again in Aspen Meadows! Loving the new header photo too by the way.

  6. It sure is pretty where you live! I love apple blossom too and our town here will be full of them soon. I also love donkeys, so it is a treat to see yours. Our washing machine just conked out too, so it was good to read your research and know we made the right decision in buying an almost new one from my BIL.

  7. It always seems to happen that way on farms, doesn't it? Everything has to break at the same time.
    Mmmmm those strawberries look lovely!

  8. Love your photos. I am always amazed at how nice your place looks. All that hard work really pays off. I need to have you get on the phone for me next time I need something NOW. K?


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