Monday, April 9, 2012

Horse Antics and other unplanned behavior

On days that Jackson is feeling good, we let him spend the daytime in the pasture with Flash, Winston and the donkeys.  In the evenings, I let him graze outside on the slope while we muck and then I put him in his stall for the night.  It gives his feet a rest and has been working well.  Saturday, Brett let Jackson out of the pasture as usual while he mucked.  His sister and family were helping with the chores.  Jackson stopped grazing, lifted his head high, and took off.  He raced all over the property bucking and jumping.  He tore through the orchard and stopped on the front lawn.  My mother looked up from her book and was quite startled to see a large horse outside the window looking back at her.  Jackson wouldn't let Brett catch him.  I went outside, with an apple, and asked Jackson what he was doing.  He looked at me as if to say, "Well, I was feeling great so I thought I'd play!", ate the apple, and docilely followed me back to the barn.

Sunday morning he was sore so he's stuck in his stall.

Brett and I planned to go on a long trail ride Sunday morning.  As luck would have it, Flash had thrown a shoe so that plan was shelved.  Instead, we decided to let Kalvin out of his paddock.  He and Winston have been getting along better over the fence.

Jackson was safe in his stall so if there were any fireworks, he wouldn't get caught up in the antics.

It went well; a big non-event.

Kalvin is thrilled to be back out with Flash.  He follows Flash around like a puppy dog.  Winston is keeping his distance and other than flattening his ears, Kalvin isn't being aggressive. 


  1. sorry that jackson has to pay for his feeling good sprint with a day locked inside... poor boy.

  2. Well Jackson looks good. I am so glad to hear he had a great day being a horse. Even if it put him back in the stall the next day. Sounds like he enjoyed it very much :)

  3. It's wonderful that Jackson felt so good! Sorry he's sore now, but what fun he had.

  4. Yeah for Calvin! Too bad Flash threw a shoe...and as for Jackson! I wonder if he thought it was worth it...sweet boy.

  5. A horse has to be a horse--hopefully he'll be feeling better with a little rest. When Cowboy broke his P3 he got out and went running like that, too. He was scheduled to be put down the next day at 1:00, but when we saw him run like that we figured he had a high tolerance for pain and just might be able to survive the treatment. Of course, as you know, he did. That's a bummer about Flash throwing a shoe right before your ride!

  6. Ahh Jackson. Sometimes you just gotta CUT LOOSE! :)

  7. Silly Jackson! I'm sure he thinks it was totally worth it for a short romp. :D

    I'm glad everyone is getting along. :D I bet Kalvin is happy to have some herd time.


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