Friday, April 6, 2012

Bella's Busy Day

Wednesday, while Brett was busy building the baby chicks a brooder, Bella was out and about.  The green grass, budding cottonwood branches and the sounds of activity in the barn were more than she could stand.  She jumped the goat fence and trotted down to where Brett was working, snacking on her way.

Winston watched her arrival.

The neighbor's cat likes to hide under the hay shed.

Greeting the rabbits.

Passage was out and about.  They weren't too sure about each other.

She spent some time snacking on the hillside with Winston before heading back to the goat area. 

Her twin brother, Little Bear, was obviously distressed by her absence.

Or not.


  1. he looks rather relieved she's gone! :)

  2. Very cute pics of Bella....but man your Winston is gorgeous!

  3. Quite a stable family you have there, or did I mean stable?

  4. Looks like he prefers his rock. I thought by now Bella would have gotten too big or heavy to get out. I am so thankful my goats don't jump fences anymore. I did enjoy watching her though : )

  5. nosy little creature, isn't she? lol

  6. A day in the life of a loved goat on a beautiful farm.

  7. What a curious little girl! Very cute.

  8. Looks like they're getting used to her wandering heart! She is the cutest goat ever...personality and looks! I see a children's book there.

  9. Awww reading about Bella makes me miss my goats!!! I wish I hadn't had to sell them. :( I miss Jasmine every day.


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