Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Schooling Winston

Yesterday morning I worked Winston before work.  He wasn't too happy about leaving his hay and coming out so I got a bit of attitude at first.  However, he settled in pretty well and we got a lot accomplished.  He still pops in and out of the contact but he is getting more consistent and comfortable with a good working frame.  Transitions from walk to trot are pretty choppy but that will come as his comfort and strength increases.  Brett wasn't able to ride due to Flash throwing a shoe, so he offered to videotape my ride.  What a guy!

Yesterday, the horses all hung out together enjoying the sunshine before the first of two storms hit last night.  Brett caught them on camera.

It looked like Winston was standing guard over Kalvin while he napped.  Brett went down for a closer look.

Winston: Why are you laying in the pee pile, Kalvin?   Kalvin: Warmth on one side from the sun and warmth underneath from the pee...  It's heaven.  You should try it.  Winston: No thanks.
Today, we've had rain all day.  Ugmo as Lori would say.  It will clear tonight and then another, stronger, storm moves in tomorrow night.


  1. ha ha! i'm with winston on that one...

    (and yes, the ducks whistle - a high-pitched tone). :)

  2. Kalvin is a clever horse, I think. About the speed skating -- I grew up in Sweden, that's what my A to Z challenge is all about. So that's where I skated.

  3. It's so nice to see all the horses together. Kalvin must be happy. Brett does a great job with the camera...thanks for sharing. Hope your ugmo weather is gone.

  4. Sorry people about the manure in the middle of the arena on the video. I knew I should have cleaned it up prior to the filming.

  5. I guess Kalvin is playing nice now with everyone?

    Thanks for sharing your ride with Winston. Fun, fun!

  6. Winston is already showing some really good stuff! It will get easier and easier and more and more consistent. Good job, you two!

  7. First, I didn't notice any poop in the arena--Winston stole the show! lol. What a horse!!! You look wonderful together. You're in full spring there by the sounds of it, too. A beautiful spring morning with all the sunshine and bird sound.

  8. Okay - I am jealous of your videographer, and your arena - the footing even sounds good!

    Thanks for sharing your lovely ride, and the spring morning as well. (Seven kitty enjoyed the birdy sounds.) You two are a great pair Annette. :)

  9. Ha, I didn't notice the poop in the arena either. My eyes were glued on beautiful Winston. Great ride! You two are doing fantastic. :D


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