Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Favorite Things

Tuesday, when I got home from work and walked into the mud room it smelled of musty dirty laundry.  We had theatre tickets so we were headed straight back down the mountain but I threw a load of laundry in the washer and let it run while we were gone.  The smell was still there when we got home, but it was almost midnight so we just went to bed.  Wednesday morning, it smelled even stronger. 

Brett had picked up a package for me from the post office.  It was from my friend, Sylvie, in Normandy.  I wondered if something in the package smelled but the customs form she had completed said "savon" and "parfum."  Soap and perfume don't smell like dirty laundry but I went ahead and opened the box.  It is my birthday tomorrow and I wanted to see what she had sent. 

nougat, wine, spices, linens -- all linked to wonderful memories of shared meals

Oh, and not shown?  The Camembert that smelled very ripe.  It's stinking up the refrigerator now.  I'm going to have some with my dinner tonight.  Yum! 

And the mud room?  Smells like clean laundry. 


  1. Birthday greetings Annette! May you and Brett have a great time. That was some package you received.

  2. ha ha! good thing you found it! :)

  3. I remember getting so excited for the orange and grey boxes. But i must admit, i was never patient enough to figure out how to open the correctly. ;)

  4. lol! What a gift you received. Stinky cheese from across the sea! lol!

    Happy Birthday wishes for you. May you enjoy everything that brings you joy...even stinky cheese!


  5. What special gifts! That must be SOME cheese : ) Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday!
    Best way to get a seat to yourself on a train or bus, take along a companion camembert.

  7. Happy birthday! The cheese must have been nicely ripe by the time you opened the package!

  8. Happy Birthday! What a wonderful friend to send such considerate gifts. She's a keeper! Have fun today.

  9. LOL Good job figuring out the mystery! And happy birthday!!!


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