Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Skoogish Kind of Day

This morning we woke up to a winter wonderland.  It had snowed most of the night and the boughs of the redwoods were heavy with snow.  We headed down to the barn for chores.

Flash was in the pasture, keeping watch over Kalvin

Or, maybe, he was just harrassing Kalvin.  His new favorite game: pull on Kalvin's blanket

The dogs were loving it. 

Kalvin was on the look out for breakfast

Winston thought snow was  great.  He played and played.

He kept trying to eat the snow on the overturned feed bins.  And then he pawed it all off.
The rest of the day stayed cold, alternating snow, rain and hail.  In the afternoon a strong wind picked up.  The snow started to melt and by the afternoon we were down to patches here and there with the grass poking through.  Our neighbor's eucalyptus tree lost a limb -- which fell on the fence between our properties and did a number on the fence. 

The horses were going nuts with the cold wind.  Flash, Winston and Kalvin were bucking, rearing and racing around.  Jackson was bucking in his turnout.  He wanted out in the worst way but I knew he would run around like a crazy man and that's how his last acute flare up happened. 

For dinner, I made Italian Wedding Soup (meatballs, orzo, and kale in a killer broth) and bread.

A good day all the way around.


  1. feel bad for jackson that he couldn't join in on the revelry. such weird weather for you this late... - or maybe it just seems that way since the rest of the country is early w/ spring...

  2. that was me, btw. accidentally hit 'anonymous'

  3. Dinner was fantastic, perfect for a cold winter's day. Flash, still athletic for a 16 year old. Thanks for using his picture. I love you!

  4. Looks like a good time was had by them...Poor Jackson,I am sure he was really fustrated...But better fustrated then hurting.

    We didn't get snow today, but we got ice pellets. I am gladwe didn't get rain, would have made my ride a miserable affair!

  5. Skoogish indeed! It was 78 here yesterday.... Love the header shot of Flash. Brett...16 is not old! I've had a 36 year old that we road til she was 34. Some night I'm showing up for dinner. Guess it's time for me to start using that cookbook.

  6. You keep posting those dinner photos and you'll have all of us bloggers arriving for dinner. Flash looks stunning and I love that photo of him rearing!

  7. Skoogish. Love it. Won't even happen here though - no snow and I just. don't. cook. Much to Lori's dismay - haha :-D.

  8. You have snow and we have faux summer. Topsy turvy. Love the picture of Flash two legging it. Jackson says no fair!!

    Dinner looks delish. :)

  9. I`d say them there horses was havin` a damn good time! Snow and fun! What more can anyone ask for? Great shots too!

  10. I think your storm blew all the way to New Mexico because on Sunday we had 50-60 mph winds and got about 4" of snow. The winds knocked out the electric for over 1900 customers here in Tijeras for over 19 hours....including us!

    Crazy Spring weather!


  11. Hi-yo Silver! (er, Flash) Away!
    Great photo. Glad Jackson is feeling good.

  12. I LOVE the rearing shot of Flash!


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