Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Quality Animal Time

Camille came up to visit last weekend when the weather was beyond beautiful.  Today is overcast with rain and freezing temperatures moving in.  So, I'm posting about my weekend with Camille and not today's ugmo weather.  She is an animal lover after my own heart so we spent a lot of time outside in the company of the critters.  The weather was gorgeous and far too nice to be stuck inside.

Brett had been busy with the mower and the weed whacker.  The orchard looked beautiful.

Bella was out and about enjoying the weather and keeping tabs on everyone.

Everytime she walks across this bridge I think about trolls being underneath.

She follows Brett around like a dog; supervising his activities.

The rabbits had chewed the legs on one of their hutches -- the nice one, that Camille bought with her babysitting money.  We decided to cut the legs off and let it rest on the ground.  They had already chewed the floor out so it wasn't serving any useful purpose.

Sage and Rocky

The happy couple.

Then we hung out with the goats for awhile.  They mobbed us.  They chewed on our shoe laces, on our sweatshirts, on our hair and they burped in our faces.  We love the goats.

And then we made disaster pizza for dinner.  It tasted good, but the execution was less than stellar.  The recipe made enough for multiple pizzas and round two the other night went much better.  I may post the dough/method recipe as it tasted great - Brett declared it the tastiest pizza I've ever made (and I make pizza a lot). 


  1. camille is adorable. your step-daughter?

  2. Those pictures are so cute! Your daughter is beautiful!

  3. A great series of photos. Nice that Camille could spend some quality time with you and the critters while enjoying beautiful weather (that we hope to have tomorrow). Tell us more about that pizza.

  4. I have two rabbits. I spent a bit of time searching for just the perfect hutch for their home & to much money. I was shocked when noticing they were chewing the hutch. I provided them with chew sticks but the still chew the hutch. You have many wonderful creatures. Blessings!

  5. Sweet pictures! I love goats, too! You have to raise them to know what that means. They are like real babies.

  6. It truly does look like the goats act much like dogs. Interesting. And they are equally as cute (in my thinking anyway).

  7. this post was a great summary of life on your farm, i loved it.

    i wanted to ask you about the feeding of donkeys, especially, those who live with horses. i'm worried because my horse needs free-choice hay/pasture, and donkeys, i've heard, can explode on that. so...what should i do, besides a grazing muzzle?


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