Thursday, March 8, 2012

Flash's Story

I was asked in a recent comment why there isn't a page on my blog for Flash, Kalvin and the donkeys.  Good point.  There needs to be a page for Flash and one for the donkeys.  Kalvin is not our horse so I won't be making him a page.  I don't think it's appropriate -- his story belongs to his owner.  So, there is now a tab on the top of my blog for Flash.  Go ahead; click on it and read about the other love in Brett's life.


  1. Thanks for adding a page for Flash. It was great reading his story and seeing all of the pictures. He's a special horse. :D

  2. I loved Flash's story! That photo on the beach is beautiful.

  3. It's about time! Thanks for giving Flash and Brett all this attention. Your photos are fabulous and like Terry, I especially love the one at the beach. Only in my dreams.....
    I'll bet Brett liked this post.

  4. Flash sounds like a wonderful horse! I bet they really were sad to lose him, and what a great horse for Brett to grow with. Those horses are hard to find--they're usually not for sale.


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