Thursday, March 15, 2012

What's Growing In March

We have strange weather this week but I suppose that is normal for March.  Most of this week has been clear and warm with nights that bring fog and frost.  This weekend we have a huge storm coming in, potentially the largest of the year.  Rain will start Friday night, Saturday will be a downpour, and then Saturday night through Monday we will have snow.  Lovely.  In the meantime, here is what is growing in the gardens.

Rhubarb!  (most important)

California poppies everywhere

Gophers busy by the artichoke plant.  If they kill it...  AARGH!!!!   You will hear me scream in New Zealand

Cala Lilies

Daffodils are still going strong.

Hyacinth and pansies

 I've also decided to participate in a daily prompt over on my poetry/writing blog "Hoofprintsin my Garden."  There is a link in my sidebar (go to the far right and hover your cursor over the grey boxes.  One of them is a link) if you are interested in reading my responses for the next two weeks.  The prompt for yesterday was "Who Am I?"  and today I'll be writing about when I knew I was an adult, and how that felt. 


  1. Look at that beautiful rhubarb. It is coming on strong! And the gardens...oooo la la. I'll check out hoof prints when I get in from chores. You made me hungry for pizza tonight...I bought it tho.

  2. You lucky thing!!! We are thawing out.

  3. I know what's growing in my garden without looking : chickweed. dandelions. nettles. SOME sorrel and radicchio. a lot of slugs. I'm hoping the onions, garlic and strawberries I planted in the autumn are surviving.

  4. Are we getting a big storm? I've been so out of, I had no idea. I hope my Soldier's stomach will hold up since he can't be outside then. I love the pictures of all the flowers.

  5. Just beautiful.

    I love the exciting new header photo!


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