Thursday, March 22, 2012

Flash Visits the Saddle Fitter

This afternoon Brett loaded Flash in the trailer and took him out to meet with a saddle fitter in Temecula.  They had a lovely drive through the wine country before pulling into an impressive horse facility.  Brett thinks it must focus on jumping because there was a gorgeous statue of a horse jumping the fence (maybe it was Winston?) into the bushes. 

The good news is that the western saddle fits Flash "like a glove."  We still have a mystery around why his back is so sore but the saddle fitter offered some thoughts.  Because both times Flash was sore were after exceptionally hard/steep/long trail rides, he could simply be suffering from muscle soreness.  Flash also just recently started lifting his back and working through his body in his dressage work.  He has kind of shuffled through life up 'till now and now he is having to work muscles he never did before.  The fitter suggested that Brett use his dressage saddle for the next tough trail ride and see if the same soreness occurs. 

Me?  I had a very long day at work, with a very long meeting in downtown Los Angeles (ugh) and then errands and picking up my son who is home from college on spring break.  Oh, and trying to figure out how the heck to use my new iPhone.  I like it... I think. 


  1. Flash felt much better after stopping at some wineries and partaking in several tastings of some glasses of Cabernet. "The heck with Adequan shots", he says.

  2. At least you don't have to buy a new saddle?
    I'd wager it's from the dressage work- sure gets those back muscles going!
    Good luck with the iphone. God knows I can't work the darned things....

  3. Ahah! I was on the right track when I asked if he was the same when he was ridden with his other saddle. Hope "the Flash" works through this.

    You will have fun with your i phone.
    I don't have such a thing.

  4. Maybe Flash is aspiring to be a Lipizzaner. Take it slow, buddy. The levade is not the place to start! (referring to your awesome header photo)


  5. Heck - there is probably a saddle fitting app for that phone ;-). I love mine - way more than I thought I would. Have fun!

  6. laughing at brett's comment. :)

  7. LOL to Bretts comment. Glad you wont need to buy a new saddle.

  8. Good that the saddle fits and I hope he will be OK next time. I'm going to Los Angeles next week and am definitely not looking forward to it.

  9. Be careful! Dont even think of dropping that phone! My new one last month, slipped through my fingers onto the frozen soil, and? There was more bits than a jigsaw puzzle!

    Fragile is not the word for them!

    So now I got myself a new Samsung Galaxy 3! Its better!!lol.
    Glad to hear the saddle fits ok.

  10. Good news on the saddle. They sure are $$$$$ these days.

  11. That's a relief about the saddle fitting! I hope his soreness is just from using new muscles and that it is short lived as he grows stronger. :D


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