Friday, November 8, 2019


The cast of characters at Oak Creek hasn’t changed much during the time I was away from blogging. We have the same horses, donkeys, goats and dog.  We’ve lost a couple chickens along the way but there is a certain amount of attrition that occurs in a flock each year... nothing unusual there.

We did add a dog.  Sage, a tri-colored Australian Shepherd, came to live at the ranch in February.  She is currently eleven months old, still a puppy but starting to fill out and get her full-on Aussie coat.

I found her in San Diego, where she was bred on a ranch to be a family dog, not a working dog.  It was love at first sight, for both of us.

When she arrived here in February, we had snow.  She didn’t mind; she loved diving nose first into a snow bank, disappearing from view, and then leaping back out.

She’s very much at home on the ranch.  She chases squirrels (catches them too), and tries to herd the chickens and goats through the fence.  Tuffy and Sage take turns chasing each other along the fence line, each on their side.

Kersey has dropped ten pounds and has new-found enthusiasm in chasing squirrels.

Sage is doing well in her obedience classes and is my Velcro dog.  She sticks to me like glue.  She loves playing fetch and she loves being in my lap.  She’s been a great addition to the ranch.


  1. I love Aussies. They are wonderful dogs. I think when we're ready to add another dog it will be an Aussie.

    1. We have never done a “repeat” on a breed before, although we’ve loved all of our dogs. But, I’m pretty sure when we add another dog, it will be another Aussie. And, probably from the same breeder. I love that she doesn’t dock their tails and she breeds dogs who are people lovers, not working dogs.


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