Sunday, July 12, 2015

Random Sunday

1.  Tomorrow morning we will trailer Lucy to the vet to have her hocks evaluated.  I gave her all of last week off and rode her this morning.  I wanted to see how she was, to cement things in my mind and so that I could give an accurate account to the vet.  Lucy felt good at walk but vas very uncomfortable at trot, particularly to the right.  I didn't even try canter.

2.  Since Lucy and I spent most of our ride at walk, I was more aware than usual of Brett and Mufasa.  Normally, I focus on Lucy and nothing else penetrates our world.  I watched Brett and Mufasa cantering a 20 meter circle at the far end of the arena and Mufasa looked comfortable and balanced.  I asked Brett what he was doing differently.  He stopped, and thought for a minute.  He said the biggest difference was that he gave Mufasa more rein.   They changed direction and Brett picked up the canter again.  Mufasa was fluid and happy.  His ears were pricked forward, his neck was stretched, and his muscles rippled.  The difference between today's canter and their historical choppy, tight gait was huge.

3.  Brett found out yesterday that Mark Rashid will be back in Visalia in October.  Brett has a spot in the clinic.  Yes!

4.  Over the past year a number of the blogs I read have changed.  Life happens -- young riders get married and start families, people move off of their farms and ranches for health or economic reasons,  or they just get tired.  I've been blogging for four or five years and things have changed with me as well.  When I started blogging, I telecommuted two or three days a week and I knew my job so well that it was automatic.  I had the time and the energy to devote to regular posting.  Two years ago, I changed jobs and we relocated.  I love my job but it is very demanding; no telecommuting and a completely different scope of responsibility.  When I get home from work, I am exhausted.  I don't have the time or energy to post.  I'm sure my regular followers have noticed the sporadic pattern of my posting.  I'm not going away -- but this will be my new normal.


  1. Glad you're figuring out what's up with Lucy's hocks - hope they have a good solution.

    Glad Brett and Mufasa are doing so well, and that Mark will be back to work with them again.

    I understand about the blogging, as you know. I'll probably try to update quarterly for now.

  2. I hope that all goes well with Lucy tomorrow!

    Yay for Brett and Mufasa.

    I totally get being busy. Please don't stop though. I'd miss the updates, even they are sporadic!

  3. I totally, totally understand. I have to make an effort on many days... but then, I use my blog as a record of our lives and what went on it ... so it's easier, I think.

  4. Just so you don't stop altogether. Many time I think of stopping but I have grown to know my blogging friends and I would truly miss them. You are at the top of my list.

  5. P.s. Glad there is always Facebook. : )


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