Monday, July 27, 2015

Pistol and the Kids

The kids had a great time riding Pistol last week.  Brett's daughter, Jen, took a ton of great pictures.

We'll start with getting Pistol out of the pasture.  Posts of the kids riding will follow.  There was a traffic jam at the gate -- Lucy and Jackson couldn't believe that Pistol was the chosen horse, the pony of the day, Queen of the barn.  Lucy, of course, feels that is her role and Jackson has worked hard to achieve the number two position in the herd.

Once out, Brett took Pistol to the tie rail where she was groomed from head to hoof.

Harrison worked hard on Pistol's tail.

She was stylin' when they headed to the arena.


  1. The kids must love spending time at Oak Creek. Sweet.

  2. As a kid, this would have been my absolute idea of heaven.
    As an aunt (and adult) it was absolute heaven to have my niece groom and love my horse.
    Good memories.

    P.S. Love your tack room.


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