Friday, July 17, 2015

Random Friday

1.  This morning I rode Lucy for the first time since she had her hocks injected this past Monday.  After our walk warm-up, I asked her to trot.
No, I can't trot.  Remember it hurts.
It won't hurt Lucy.  Try it.
Okay, but I'm not sure.  
Just try.  Once.  For me.
-- Lucy trots off; initially head high but then relaxing.--
I'm sure it's going to start hurting any minute now.
Let's do a few transitions while you are waiting for it to start hurting.
It doesn't hurt anymore.  But I'm still not totally convinced.
That's okay.  We're just doing some easy trot work today.  No canter.  Nothing fancy.  Let's just be happy and enjoy the morning.
Works for me!

2.  Lucy's blood work came back pretty darn close to normal.  Her thyroid and insulin levels looked good.  We will check them annually but in the meantime Dr. Linda said "I think life with you suits Lucy."

3.  There has been a bit of a shuffle in the mare pasture herd.  Lucy remains queen bee (of course).  But Jackson has moved up to second in command; pushing Pistol down to the bottom.  Lucy stills hangs out more with Pistol and it is Pistol who is allowed in the run-in shed but Jackson pushes ahead of Pistol for his bucket of vitamins.  Jackson also has advanced in his ability to access the run-in shed -- head only.  Often, Lucy is inside with Jackson and Pistol standing outside with just their heads poking in.  It reminds me of the guards at Buckingham Palace.  Jackson and Pistol are perfectly lined up, each at a corner of the run-in.  Of course, real guards face outwards.

4.  Flash isn't doing so great.  He's been moving slow, or not at all.  He stands in the pasture, immobile, while Mufasa trots around.  His temperature is normal; he's eating and drinking and pooping normally.  Brett gave him bute this morning.  We're hoping its just his arthritis flaring up.

5.  Tomorrow Brett's younger daughter and her three children are coming to visit.  It will be a short visit before they, and Brett, drive to Utah to meet up with his oldest daughter and her family.  They are going to watch Chris, one of the grandkids, compete in a baseball tournament there.  This is the first visit to our new ranch by any of Brett's kids so we are very excited.  We hear that the kids are excited about seeing all the animals too.  The last time they visited, the kids were quite small.  Now they are old enough to really have fun.

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