Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday Mornings

On Friday mornings, Brett and I ride early before I go off to work and before our neighbor, Richard, arrives to help Brett with chores get his donkey fix.  This morning was overcast, the remnants of last night's thunderstorms.  We didn't ride long because Lucy was reluctant to trot.  I didn't want to make her more sore than she already is so I hopped off and we did some ground work. She has an appointment with the vet on July 13 so we will take it easy until then.

Richard arrived as we were wiping down our saddles and putting our tack boxes away.  The clouds squished themselves together and squeezed out some more rain.  Richard and I stood, with our arms outstretched, letting it wash over us.

Jackson had rolled.  There's something about raindrops on a horse that makes them want to roll.

Brett and Richard made the rounds with the hay cart...

while I went inside and checked on the status of the Buckaroo fire (started by lightening last night, not far from us).  The fire was 75% contained.  The firefighters didn't mess around; helicopters and water tankers were flying overhead last night until dark.  I went back outside to report on the fire and the clouds were moving out.  The morning sun bathed the dampness in golden light.

My first dahlia is blooming.  I love these big, brash, bright flowers. It looks like a 4th of July firework, don't you think?

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