Thursday, July 30, 2015

Pistol and Harrison

Harrison rode last.

Then the kids rested in the shade while Brett took off Pistol's tack.

What a great horse Pistol is; what a great time Brett had with the grandkids.  We hope they come back next summer.


  1. More smiles! Love to see that - Pistol gets many gold stars.

  2. And a good time was had by all. Love that Pistol!

  3. Every family should have a hack 'em/pack 'em horse like Pistol!
    Looks like they all had a great time.
    How is Lucy doing? Are you allowed to lunge her? I wonder if she could build up confidence in being able to canter without pain on the lunge before you ask while riding her? But maybe cantering on a circle is too much for newly injected hocks...

  4. Every horse-owning grandparents dream!!!

  5. Pistol is a great horse! I love it that the grand kids had such a good time. Only my granddaughter has ridden Dusty so far the rest are too little and aren't interested yet. But they do like to feed carrots. Hope your grand kids come back lots!


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