Monday, July 6, 2015

Blending the Flock

The three Cuckoo Maran chicks that we bought five weeks ago have been living in a brooder, in the hen house.  The brooder is large and airy so the chicks can see out -- and the hens and roosters see in -- but no one can get harassed.  After five weeks together, the hens are rather bored with the chicks who have been growing steadily and now have all of their feathers.  It was getting a bit crowded in the brooder for them -- and I felt badly that they couldn't get outside the hen house to enjoy the bits of breeze that occur (infrequently) on the hot days we've been having.

Saturday afternoon, Brett and I hauled the brooder, with its occupants, out of the hen house and into the chicken yard.  We left them there for a few hours (in the shade) to look around from the safety of the brooder.  The rest of the flock came over to investigate.

Oh, it's just you three.  We thought it might be something interesting.  Later.

Brett and I brought a couple of chairs into the chicken run so we could watch the fireworks, and then we let the chicks out.  We watched.  The hens scratched in the dirt.  The roosters strutted around. Brett dozed off.

Mission accomplished.  Now we will wait for eggs (fingers crossed that all three are hens).  Cuckoo Marans  lay chocolate colored eggs.  Sometimes dark chocolate eggs.  They are also a very pretty chicken; resembling Barred Rocks but with less distinct lines.
Not one of ours -- who are still gangly teenagers.


  1. beautiful! I can't wait to see a picture of the eggs

  2. We too are waiting for eggs! We love our three Bared Rocks. So friendly and so pretty.

  3. Congratulations on your success thus far. I have one barred rock that is slowly making progress joining the rest of the free roamers. The rooster being smitten with the new sweet young thing has helped them all accept her. Can't wait to see those chocolate eggs!

  4. They ARE beautiful hens... I hope you get lots of nice eggs!


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