Sunday, July 19, 2015

Grandkids on the Ranch

Brett's daughter, Jen, and her three kids came to visit Saturday.  The kids wasted no time trying out the porch swing and the tree swing, running with Kersey and visiting the animals.

First up, they fed the chickens some scraps and collected eggs.
Brooke, Harrison and Zoe
Then they visited the goats (always popular with children)...

(Lucy had to insert herself into the conversation)

... the donkeys

and the horses.  Mufasa, who is normally very nervous around new people, threw caution to the wind and ate his share of cookies.  Maybe it is just adults that worry him, or maybe it was the cookies.

In the evening, we walked up to one of the wineries on the hill behind us for an "old time rock & roll" concert.  I'm not sure that the kids knew any of the music but I loved hearing all the music from my high school days.  Kersey made herself at home on the blanket with the kids, snuggling in with them for belly rubs.

I think everyone slept well that night.  In the morning, Brett, Jen and the kids loaded up the car and headed to Park City, Utah.  They will meet up with Brett's oldest daughter and her family there for a big baseball tournament.  They rented a condo big enough to hold all the families and Brett packed wine.  I'm sure they will have a wonderful time together.  Brett and Jen will drive back here Thursday and then Jen and her kids will fly home to Seattle on Friday.


  1. Your grandkids are gorgeous and look like they fit right in.

  2. they won't want to go home! I know I wouldn't.

    I have my nieces and nephews here and they are having a ball. and we don't even have goats.

  3. What a nice visit! I am trying to imagine walking up the hill to a vineyard. Here it would just be another hill. I saw Emmylou Harris in Park City back in the 80's. Hope you don't get behind on the chores!


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