Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Working Woman's Weeknight Dinner

One of the women I work with is an avid cook.  We like the same kind of food (spicy) and enjoy challenging recipes.  We both struggle with weeknights, though.  After work it's hard to find the energy to cook a good meal.  At our house, we have a lot of "get your own" or dinner at the roadhouse down the lane.  So, when she told me she was using Blue Apron for her weeknight dinners -- and loving it -- I was intrigued.  She had a free batch of dinners (three dinners) she could give to a friend and asked if I was interested.  If I didn't like it, I could cancel after my free week.  I checked out the website and liked what I saw -- fresh, locally sourced food (although it is available across the US, I think) from small farms.  And interesting recipes.  Sure, I said, send me the one week free invitation.

Our box of dinners arrived in the mail today.  The packaging was thorough -- meat and fish on the bottom wrapped in ice, with the veggies on top.

There were little bags of spices, butter and nuts -- "knick knacks."

Dinner tonight was Almond-Crusted Cod on a bed of Quinoa, mint and sauteed radishes with sugar snap peas.  Sounds kind of weird, right?

It was fun -- all the shopping done for me, all the ingredients ready to be prepped, and great instructions.

Everything cooked up perfect.

And it tasted insanely good.

I'm hooked.  I'll let you know how the other two meals go.


  1. You taught me something new about America. Their promo video says it's a better value than your grocery store. I wonder how that could be possible considering their prices. Maybe if you live very far from a grocery store you save gas money?

    The meals look really good, and extremely healthy.

    It reminds me of what Hollywood actors do for food - they don't have time to cook so they have caterers bringing them tiny healthy meals.

    Unlike you I have too much time on my hands so cooking dinner is something I look forward to every day, and I like to make a lot, a lot of food so there are leftovers. It looks like Blue Apron wouldn't provide enough for leftovers, but it would be a good weight loss program!

  2. I have another fb friend who does this all the time and her meals look splendiferous! Enjoy.

  3. Wow, that looks delicious! I might have to check them out...

  4. Lytha, for me this is actually a cost savings -- at least if you are going to make their recipes. The dinner last night called for almond flour which I would have had to buy in a larger size - more $ - probably never used again. But for me the biggest benefit is the time saving, no thought required. If I weren't working, I doubt I would do this. And the portions aren't huge but it worked for us. I gave Brett 2/3 and me 1/3 instead of 50/50. We both had plenty but we aren't huge eaters.

  5. seems like a good thing to get into. Can you select foods? I hate cod. Which is, I know, weird for someone who lives where I do.

  6. You pick an initial profile and indicate what foods you like -- meat, fish, etc. We are "omnivores" so get a mix. You can choose a different dinner if one of the three doesn't appeal to you. There is also a carnivore option (no fish) and a vegetarian option. Fortunately, we love all kinds of fish and meat.

  7. Gosh, like "Social Suppers", only in your own kitchen at home!


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