Monday, April 13, 2015

The Other Project

While Marty was visiting, he and Brett completed two projects.  One was the shed removal and the other was replacing the fourth side of fencing around my garden.

The first day they removed the old fencing, dug holes and set the new posts.  They also moved a water faucet which was in the line of the new fence.  The old fence meandered down the side, sagging here and drooping there.  Brett's fence is perfectly straight.  Are you surprised?

The second day they put up the fencing.  Fortunately, deer did not figure out that there was no fence for that one night.

The birds and I love the garden.  I love being in the garden and I love looking out the kitchen window, past the roses and flower bed, through the orchard, to the chicken run with the dressage court in the far distance.  What view could be better?

Especially, when it is framed by a perfect fence.


  1. Another superb project by Brett. Now you need some rain so your garden will be bursting.

  2. So beautiful, and what a great view!


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