Sunday, April 12, 2015

Jackson Gets Stall Rest

I think I mentioned a few posts ago that Jackson had been a bit off.  He spent a lot of time laying down in the now dry pond.

Then he started walking a bit strangely; slow, deliberate, careful.  And a day after that his hind fetlock was a bit swollen.  I wrapped his hind legs and the swelling went down.

But he was still walking strange.  I decided to put him on stall rest and treat him as if he has a tendon injury.  I don't think he has a tear; perhaps a slight pull.  He is bearing weight and walking around.

He is trying to fake us out so he can come back into a pasture.  Sorry buddy.

I also removed his trail boots.  His soles can start hardening while he is in the stall.  Sunday he spent much of the day in his run-out screaming at the world.  Let me out!

My plan is one week of stall rest and then we'll evaluate his progress.


  1. he has the sweetest face.

    I hope that it's just a mild strain and clears up quickly.

  2. Poor Jackson, and he was doing so much better !

  3. Poor fellow! Hope he feels better soon.

  4. It's hard when they beg and/or demand. Stand your ground. You know that you're doing.

  5. I hope he gets better with a little rest. That's always a good first line of defense.


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