Friday, April 17, 2015

Random Friday

1.  Kyle and his girlfriend, Ana, are coming this weekend.  There is a big wine festival at the wineries in our County so we will be very busy all weekend.  If the blog is quiet, you will know I've been out having too much fun.

2.  Mufasa continues to improve with his trust issues.  He waits for Brett at the gate and has even gone so far as to push Flash out of the way so he can get to Brett first.  Brett is loving his "new" Mufasa -- and Mufasa seems pretty happy with life, too.

3.  Jackson continues to be my funny valentine.  He's such a silly, sweet horse that I don't mind all his issues with his feet.  I'm hoping to put him in the mare pasture (where the ground is soft and there aren't many rocks) this weekend.  The weather is supposed to be in the upper 70s so he won't feel like racing around (and he doesn't do that much anymore anyway).

4.  Camille continues to heal.  She had a slight setback when her incision got infected but she is back on antibiotics and doing well.

5.  I've started the Masterson body work course and have found it to be fascinating.  The horses all react differently to the releases.  I was sure that Mufasa would walk away from me and resist.  Instead, he relaxed and even nuzzled me in thanks a couple of times (yeah, it made me cry).  Jackson who I expected to stand still and drink it in -- walked off and fidgeted before releasing.  I find that I especially love the bond that is created during the work.  I have to be very focused and closely read the horse; the horse has to trust me.  Very cool.

Have a good weekend everyone.

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