Friday, April 10, 2015

Random Friday

1.  We got our first (and most likely last) snow of the season on Tuesday.  And rain.  The snow came and went, interspersed with rain.  Over an inch of rain fell. Yes!

2.  Brett estimated the weight of the shed that collapsed on Camille to be around 600 lbs.  When our farrier was out, Brett told him the story and they walked over to look at the shed.  Greg looked at the size of the shed and the heft of the roof and estimated it to be more like 800 lbs.  Let's split the difference and call it 700 lbs.  Camille told me that when she went to bed that night she prayed, as usual.  But the only words that came to her were "Thank you" -- over and over again, "thank you."  That's a perfect prayer in my books (and one I said myself).

3.  When Camille and I were driving from the first ER to the trauma center for our rendez-vous with the plastic surgeon, Camille said to me "This never would have happened if TRex (Brett) had built that shed."  True.  I tease Brett sometimes about how he builds everything super sturdy.  I don't think I'll tease him about that anymore.

4.  Camille is healing well.  Her eye looks amazing -- okay, okay, it's still swollen and blood-shot and bruised but the incision is healing beautifully.  She is very appreciative of the comments left on the post and plans to use the scar reducing ointments/vitamin E many of you recommended.

5.  Jackson has been a bit off for the past few days.  It doesn't appear to be an abscess which was (of course) my first thought.  His fetlock was a bit swollen and he was walking in a slow, deliberate way.  He didn't lift the leg and hold it (ow! ow!ow!) like a tendon injury.  He was bearing weight; just not happy to walk.  I wrapped the hind legs, the swelling decreased, and he is getting around.  I'm continuing to watch him; it's very strange and very subtle.


  1. I'd have to agree, that's a perfect prayer! So happy to hear she's doing well. Good news about the rain too - you guys really need it. I appreciate any job that's a job well done...go Trex!!

  2. Could Jackson's swelling be from his spring shots? Ashke is that way sometimes.

  3. Glad Camille is healing well. Sorry to hear that Jackson's ouch - hope he's better soon too.

  4. glad camille is doing well! lucky girl!

  5. I'm glad that she's healing.

    It's funny but Irish has the same thing as Jackson right now. Weird.

  6. Keith builds for an E5 tornado every time... it sounds like Brett does, too! I'm so glad Camille is feeling a little better... and now worried for Jackson!

  7. That Camille is one tough cookie; 'she gets it from her mama" ;)

    Could Jackson be responding to the spring sugar in the growing grasses? Some horses as they get older will be sensitive to that...


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