Saturday, April 4, 2015

Hosting Easter

This year we have a full house for Easter.  My dad drove up yesterday with Eddie (Edwina) and the kids arrive after lunch today.  Kyle and Ana will pick up Camille at the Sacramento airport on their way here from the Bay area.

Brett has been busy all week making sure the property looks perfect.  I feel like I live in a perfectly manicured park.

We will enjoy sunny weather today -- before a winter storm hits tomorrow.  I may lose the fruit that is setting on my trees in the orchard but we need the rain more than I need fruit.

While Brett has been mowing, I have been menu planning.  This morning I started cooking.  Easter is all about food in our house.  We will have leg of lamb tonight and a ham tomorrow.

Yesterday the girls had another turn in the top pasture.  I asked Brett to put Jackson in with them and it worked out great.  No drama.  No bite marks.  Just contented grazing.


  1. awww. glad jackson had some good horsie time. enjoy your easter feasting and family!

  2. Sounds like you and your family are going to have a very Happy Easter. The ranch looks gorgeous and peaceful. So glad you put Jackson with the girls and it worked out well. He will be very happy with them. Unless I was weaning, I have always run our hoses in a herd and it has worked well. Even when there were foals. Now adding the other geldings at Oak Creek might not work so well after the way Jackson was chased. He must think he's in heaven...and very important. Enjoy you weekend.

  3. Enjoy your Easter with family.

    Glad Jackson has a pleasant group turnout with no drama.

  4. sigh. everything looks so beautiful. Brett did a lovely job. I hope that you get rain and get to keep your fruit. I'm also glad that Jackson worked out with the girls.

  5. Have a lovely weekend with your family.

  6. I'm all for contented grazing!

    I hope you and your whole family have a blessed Easter full of goodies to eat!

  7. The farm looks gorgeous!!

    Nice that you're down in the "valley"... I bet you stay greener, longer than your neighbors do. Happy Easter!

  8. Sounds like a wonderful celebration. Your little ranch does look immaculate - kudos to Brett for all his hard work! We've always run our horses as a herd, although at times we've taken months to introduce a new member. Occasionally, there are difugalties just like with any family, but nothing serious.

  9. What a great family get-together you had planned. I always try so hard to do what Bret does when guests are coming. Difference being he gets it done and I never get it the way I want. You two are an excellent tdam.


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