Thursday, April 2, 2015

Lucy Flirts with Jackson

Sunday I put the girls up in the top pasture again to graze.  At noon I got Jackson out, washed the mud off of his trail boots and gave him a thorough groom.  Like all the horses, he is shedding like mad.  Afterwards, I brought him up to the dressage court area so he could graze a bit.  The dressage court is located between the top pasture at C and the other pastures at the A end.  I expected him to head up to the top and visit with the girls (who were spending the day in the upper pasture) the minute I took the halter off, but he didn't.

He slowly made his way up the long side of the dressage court towards the girls.  He paid them no attention.  Lucy was very interested in him.  Despite her longing looks over the fence, he kept eating and picking his way along methodically.

The grass was eye-ball deep.  You can hardly blame him for preferring the grass.

He finally made it all the way to the C end of the court and met up with Lucy.

Girls smell gooooood!

He tried to talk to Pistol but Lucy barged in and broke up that little tete-a-tete.

Our neighbor Fran saw me sitting with the horses and came over to talk over the fence.  Lucy wanted to be the center of attention, as usual.

Jackson wandered over and started grooming Lucy on the withers.  She stretched in appreciation, then turned her tail towards Jackson -- which he proceeded to nibble.  Fran said to me "What is he doing?"

I told her to consider it heavy petting.

Flash and Mufasa watched from their pasture.  They were not pleased with being left out.

That Lucy; she's got boys in every port pasture.


  1. Ahh yes, spring is in the air!!

  2. That is so cute. Since Jackson can't go in with the boys maybe he could go in with the girls?

  3. Such a good post... you're on a roll! Have a Happy Easter!


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