Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Bathroom Update

The end is in sight!  I can hardly stand it.  Last week a couple guys came and took away the extra slabs of granite that have been sitting in the garage since we bought the house.  They came back the next day and installed the counter tops.

Monday, the walls got another coat of paint and the towel racks were hung.  The medicine cabinets were also installed.

Today, the plumber came and installed the toilet, the shower fixture and the sink faucets.

We have a wide trough sink with two faucets.

This morning I moved my toothpaste into the medicine cabinet.  Brett told me to stop moving into the new bathroom.  He wants to put on another coat of paint (in his favorite brand; he doesn't love the paint used by the contractor) and then he needs to put sealant on the tile.

The mirror, shower glass and window are on order so it will be a few more weeks before we are truly finished.


  1. wow, it really looks nice. I love the size of the shower.

  2. Annette, it has come out beautifully!

  3. WOW!!! This is stunning. I especially love the sink. No wait, there are too many details I love to have a favourite. Please come to Nova Scotia and tell me what to do with our house! :)

  4. You can tell you own horses; an all white bathroom would have been impossible to keep up...but a bathroom that is speckled white...now thats practicality!

    Love the shower in the corner - we have one now thats a kit in the downstrs bath - yourlarger tiled shower is exactly what I want to put in...wonderful !!


  5. SO PRETTY! I love the colors you picked, and the cobble floor in the shower is just perfect!

  6. The pebble floor is very cool & the whole look is very clean - looks like a magazine spread.
    But the SINK!!! Just LOVE it.
    Home renos are always so exciting to me, I often have little projects on the go (husband does not really love that about me).
    I always have many more projects (in my head)that I plan, then do & redo, and then rework again.

    That sink is going on my wish list for sure.


  7. Love everything! How exciting and I'll bet you can't wait until it's all finished. I'm one of those who does not enjoy the process, but instead loves the finished projects. They do have an end, don't they???


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