Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Master Bath: Before and After

The shower glass and mirror have been installed.  Fini!  This remodel made a huge difference and our bathroom has gone from meh to wow.  I guess maybe the shower leak was a good thing after all.   Without the leak, it would have been years (if ever) before we did this remodel.

First, before and after shots of the entire bathroom.  We started with the toilet to the right, by the window, and the shower to the left.  We flipped their locations and doubled the size of the shower -- borrowing space from the reeeeeealy long vanity.  Now we have a larger shower and a smaller counter - but the bathroom feels like it doubled in size.

The shower went from minuscule to huge.

And we don't even miss the long vanity and counter space.  I love the wall size mirror, the trough sink, and the linen storage on the opposite side (where there had been another sink).


  1. really nice! i like that trough sink. :)

  2. A real dream bathroom! Well done.

  3. wow, I love it. I don't know that anyone needs a football field for a vanity anyway. All it does is collect junk.

    I love how clean and crisp it all looks.

  4. Awesome swicheroo! Love that shower!

  5. Wow, it turned out beautiful.


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