Monday, March 30, 2015

Evening Chores with Lucy

I love doing evening chores.  It's a great way to decompress after work and the evening light is spectacular.  I love the way the sunlight catches an individual oak and bathes it in golden light.

Did you notice all the little yellow flowers in the pasture with Lucy?  That's mustard.  The horses don't like to eat it and I find it impressive the way Lucy can nibble all the way around a little mustard shoot, getting every blade of grass, but not eating the mustard.  I tried to get a picture, sitting on the ground.  Lucy swung her nose over to investigate.

She didn't eat around any mustard while I was sitting there, but I did get some shots of her grazing.

The view from the ground wasn't bad.  I'm looking out towards the road that goes past our ranch and up to the wineries (turn right onto the road just past our well-house, top right of the picture).


  1. I love evening chores as well. It's a great way to wind down from work.

    I will enjoy them even more when the snow is gone!

  2. Sorry Dear, but I don't think it's mustard. I think it's a weed that's not good for horses, a type of thistle maybe. Anyway, the horses don't touch it and I plan on mowing it down next week when it gets a little taller.


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