Friday, March 27, 2015

Random Friday

1.  I picked up my tall boots from the cobbler earlier this week.  He added zippers and a leather gusset -- they look fantastic and fit perfectly.  The leather was too stiff, and the amount of stretch needed too great, for stretching the boots.  I'm super pleased with the result (and SO much cheaper than a new pair of boots).

2.  When we moved into the house I found a very shrubby, overgrown lilac planted underneath the kitchen window.  I've never had much luck with lilacs in the past; Southern California didn't get enough chill in the winter to create spring bloom.  I pruned this one aggressively, knowing that I was sacrificing any potential bloom for last year.  I noticed buds on it earlier this week and they are starting to open.  I am ecstatic!

3.  Mufasa continues to do well.  He's in a five steps forward, one step back place.  This past Tuesday Brett sent me a very frustrated text saying that he couldn't catch Mufasa in the top pasture.  He did, eventually, but it concerned him.  The next evening, I was home in time to help with chores so I went with Brett up to the pasture.  Mufasa, again, walked towards Brett then changed his mind and walked a few steps away.  Brett and I reviewed the work Mark did with Mufasa the first day.  Brett walked towards Mufasa and Mufasa walked away, passing by Brett.  As soon as Mufasa's butt was past Brett, Brett swung the rope (don't point your butt at me).  Mufasa went, "oh," and swung his head to face Brett.  He did it one more time, then waited quietly for Brett to approach.  Brett didn't halter him right away but spent a moment or two connecting.  Progress is a good thing.

4.  I did some research on the Masterson method of horse bodywork.  I was pleased to see that it is relatively easy to learn and that it is endorsed by USDF and USEF (so its legit).  I've done basic T-touch with the horses but anything beyond basics is way above my memory capacity.  I cruised around the website and found a sample lesson on lateral cervical flexion to try for free.  I read the instructions, watched the video, and then tried it out on the horses -- all of them.  Lucy was tight up by her poll, Flash was tight by his shoulder, Jackson wasn't tight anywhere, Pistol tried to groom me -- and Mufasa (who Brett worked on) was good about it too.  I've decided to do the online course.

5.  The last few times I've ridden Lucy she has been resistant to trot -- and then felt slightly off.  I couldn't tell if she was sore or just resistant so I lunged her.  As I suspected, she is a bit sore on her feet.  It isn't like Lucy to be resistant or to suck back.  We have had very little rain (as you all know) and the ground is drying up and getting hard.  Our farrier comes next week and I'm going to ask him to put shoes back on Lucy's front feet.


  1. I'm glad that you got the boots sorted. I was wondering!

    I'm not surprised that there was a wee set back with Mufasa. It takes time for a new behaviour to replace an old one.

    Where did you find the video on the cervical release?

  2. I recently got a Masterson technique book. We'll have to trade notes after you take your class.

    Pass this on to Brett if you want - something I have found extremely helpful with Val, is for me to exhale loudly (and often) when we find ourselves in tension or frustration inducing situations.

    Glad to know there are still cobblers. Yay for boots that fit! :D


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