Monday, October 6, 2014

Walking Kersey

Sunday, I wanted to take Kersey up to Jenkinson Lake for our walk.  It was hot at home and I wanted some variety.  To my surprise, Brett volunteered to join us.  Back in the day, we used to hike together a lot.  Probably 90% of our dates were hikes and while we no longer hike straight up the sides of mountains, we can handle a nice walk around a lake with pine trees dense against the shore.  And, Brett's knee held up fine.  Yay!  We hiked for 45 minutes and Kersey went for a long swim.  Then she sacked out in her bed and slept the whole afternoon.

Normally, Kersey and I take our walks up the dirt road that circles behind our property.  It's a three mile loop.  Sometimes I do the entire loop but, more often, we walk to the halfway point and then turn around and come back home.  That way we don't have to walk on the paved road at all -- which lacks a shoulder in many spots.

The road starts out with our property to right, just on the other side of those blackberry bushes.

Kersey loves this part.  Skunks live in those berry bushes.
We lose the trees for awhile; not good on a warm day like Sunday.

I love golden October light.
Back in the trees, the road curves and climbs;

We huff and puff our way to the top;

to the telephone pole that marks half-way & turn around.
The view

is worth the climb.
We take a few rest stops on the way back home.


  1. I love your path Annette. Would love to walk there with you and Kersey. Great photos...such beautiful light.

  2. what a beautiful place to walk.

  3. You live in a very beautiful place - how nice to have that walk right out your front door!

  4. really nice area! good girl, kersey!

  5. Aw, love these little glimpses into your beautiful place. So special!

  6. Looks like autumn! What a nice place to walk the dog, great views :)

  7. What are the straw bales along the road?

  8. Beautiful! Glad Brett's knee is doing so well!


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