Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Jackson Tries Something New

Notice anything different with Jackson?

Yep, he's stylin' with new sneakers.

Okay, they aren't really tennis shoes.  Technically, they are trail boots but for Jackson they are rain boots.  He gets an abscess every time he looks at a raindrop so we are going to try these in an effort to keep his soles dry.  There is a chance of rain tonight and tomorrow so I put them on him this morning.

He wasn't thrilled.  I picked up his right front first and he was willing to have me do that.  But the minute I slipped the boot onto his hoof, he yanked his foot away and started flinging it around.
Aaayeeee!!  AhAHAhAh!  Get it off of me!
Same behavior with the left foot.  I'm not going to lie; I was dreading doing the hinds.  But he stood quietly for those.  He's worn trail boots before, in the front, so there really was no reason for him to flip out.  Silly horse.

Don't Finessa's little hooves look nice?  Our farrier was out yesterday and gave her a trim.  Ever since she foundered a number of years ago, her feet have grown out funky. Tuffy rarely needs a trim -- he's constantly on the move, patrolling his pasture.  She wasn't too sure about him... until he took off his chaps.  Then she was fine.  I gave her a piece of carrot which she held in her mouth until he was done.  Then she started crunching away.


  1. Jackson has the same kind of kicks Val does. Pictures of horses wearing shoes crack me up - hope they keep him abscess free. :D

  2. Ooh, nice kicks! I hope they work well for Jackson. I've had great luck with boots.


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