Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Smoke in the Forecast

This evening as I accelerated onto the freeway after work, I looked up at the Sierras and saw smoke. Dammit. Yeah, I know its a bad word but that is what I thought as the smoke billowed up into the air and then leveled out in an orange layer across the foothills.

This fire isn't close to us; its probably 30 miles to the north, close to the town of Auburn. But it has already burned 380 acres, caused evacuations and closure of the 80 fwy.  It started this afternoon (cause still under investigation which means it might have been arson).  It is only 10% contained.

When I parked my car at home the sun was hiding in an orange haze and the smell of smoke was definitely there. The weather forecast for tomorrow? Smokey.

The King fire is almost out, thankfully.  It is 98% contained and topped out at just shy of 100,000 acres.  I hope that they get this one out more easily.  We have cooler temperatures in the next week which isn't as good as rain but is better than hot and windy.  There are signs hanging on the freeway overpasses and posted on street corners, thanking the fire fighters.  Yesterday a plane carrying flame retardant crashed into a ridge in Yosemite, killing the pilot.  It's dangerous work and we so appreciate their efforts and heroism.


  1. 30 miles is too close for my liking... too close. Prayers for you and your neighbors, near and far!

  2. We had summers like that when we lived in the Eastern Sierra... wildfire after wildfire after wildfire. It really sucked when I worked in the schools, because we had to keep the kids indoors all week due to the smoke. People got so tired of not being able to breathe fresh air.

  3. This is just horrible on so many ways! I feel for you.


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