Friday, October 24, 2014

Kersey's Busy Day

Kersey had an appointment at the vet this morning.  She's been scooting around on her butt in the most unladylike manner for a few months.  We had her checked for worms but that came back negative.  Brett's sister told us that Kersey's glands probably needed to be expressed -- a stinky process but better done at the vet or groomers than by Kersey in the house -- it apparently is quite the stinky mess.

Kersey watched Brett put her crate in the bed of the truck and started dancing around.  When Brett went into the barn and grabbed her leash, Kersey could hardly stand it, standing on her hind legs and trying to launch her chubby body into the truck.  I'm sure she thought that they were going to the lake.

First stop was the vet.  I asked Brett if he took a picture of her "procedure" and Brett informed me that Kersey is not a porn star, she's a proper ranch lab.

Next step was Ace Hardware where Brett bought some starters for the wood stove. They weren't the type we usually use but the guy swore that he can't keep them on the shelf.  

Brett wanted to make sure he had the kind of starters that I like so he drove over to the True Value store.

They had the kind we normally use so he picked up a box.  Then they headed back home.

Back home, Brett decided to take Kersey for a walk up the road behind our property.  Kersey was SO sure that she was going on a walk that it only seemed fair to take her.  They walked as far as the base of the big hill and then came back.  Brett was pleased to report that Kersey got tired before he did.
Looking into the property from the road; the dressage court is behind the trees.

The back of our property starts at the fence and includes that cool oak tree.

Looking from the back fence towards the house.  You can see the red hen house and garage.
Brett asked the vet tech to weigh Kersey while they were there.  She's lost six pounds.  Yes!  I think five more and she'll be in perfect weight.


  1. oh, good weight loss for that girl! good for all of you for walking, too!


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