Monday, October 20, 2014

The Great Goat Caper

The goats love to lie around the big pasture with the horses.  They tend to lie in the corner closest to the house, resting against the fence as they chew their cud.  Sunday afternoon the fence came loose in the corner and three of the goats slipped through.  Thistle remained in the pasture watching his herd mates who got busy eating oak leaves by the front lawn.

I wasn't worried about catching Little Bear since he follows us everywhere looking for love.  Whiskey is quiet and sweet and I was pretty sure I could get him back in as well.  Cowboy was the wild card, he's a bit skittish -- especially if he thinks you are trying to catch him.

I put a collar and leash on Bear.  Kersey saw the leash and thought we were going on a walk.  She started dancing around, bashing into Bear, and causing him to jump in alarm.  Brett called Kersey over and I led Bear back to the pasture.  Cowboy and Whiskey followed closely behind.  As luck would have it, Cowboy slipped through the gate and into the pasture right behind Bear.  Pistol made a dash through the open gate and cut off Whiskey who turned and headed the other direction.  I closed the gate and went after Pistol who had walked through the barn, out the other side, said hello to Jackson and checked out the grass in the dog run.  Once she was back in the pasture, it was easy to convince Whiskey to join the others.  He darted in the gate behind Pistol.

Meanwhile, Brett fixed the fencing in the corner.  I fed everyone dinner and started mucking.


  1. Aww, they are so cute! Good thing too since they are such escape artists!

  2. My guess is that Cowboy would be standing at the gate waiting to get in after a while!

  3. Never a dull moment when goats are around. Your header is absolutely stunning! What a great capture of nature at her most beautiful.


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