Saturday, October 11, 2014

Up Early

Brett and I were up at the crack of dawn to do chores this morning.

We were heading towards Napa to spend the day with friends and needed to make a run to the farmers market and Apple Hill for a pie before hitting the road.  The sun crept up towards the top of the ridge,

and then exploded into color.

The donkeys and Jackson are getting along very well.  Jackson's bite and scratch marks are slowly fading into his winter coat and we are giving him extra hay in an effort to get some padding on his ribs before winter.

Pistol and the goats were curious about me and the camera peering into the pasture.  Lucy, as usual, didn't look up from her food.

We had a lovely day tasting wine and exploring antique stores.  It was a great way to start my week off work -- my Stay-cation.  There's no money for travel this year, every dime is going into the property, but that's okay.  I'm looking forward to a week of playing with Lucy and digging in my garden.  We have a few special visitors on tap for later in the week too.  Brett's been killing himself trimming hedges, chopping wood and cutting down weeds in an effort to make everything perfect.

Stocking up on wood for winter.  We're ready.  Nobody builds sturdier wood racks than Brett.


  1. glad jackson is doing well with the donkeys. enjoy your week!

  2. Beautiful photos Annette. Looks like Jackson, the donkeys, the goats, Pistol and Lucy are all happy. Enjoy your staycation...sorry you could not make it to Brockport this year. Some day......

  3. What a beautiful sunrise! We're getting our firewood ready here in Nova Scotia too. A full wood house and a crackling fire make me very happy :).

  4. Glad Jackson's finally getting some peace! And enjoy your week off!

  5. Those are some fine looking wood racks. I am sure you are psyched about your upcoming week and I hope the weather cooperates for you.

  6. Jackson looks happy with his herd! Personally I love stay-cations. they can be a lot of fun


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