Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Family Post

We just returned from two days in San Diego.  While we were gone, Kersey stayed with our neighbors and was spoiled rotton.  She cuddled with them on the couch, was invited onto their bed at night, and went everywhere with Fran in the car -- riding shotgun on the front seat.  I'm surprised Kersey wanted to come back home this morning.

Meanwhile, we were busy meeting our newest grandbaby.  Brett's son, Scott, and his wife, Jen, let us hold and cuddle baby Merrick to our heart's content.

Yesterday, we spent the day at the beach under postcard perfect skies.  All three of Brett's kids were there, his daughters coming in from Colorado and Seattle, and all eight of the grandchildren.  The kids rode the waves on boogie boards or pulled on seaweed and chased seagulls -- depending on their age.  It was a wonderful time.
Scott, Kerri, Brett and Jennie

Brett & I with Scott, Jen and baby Merrick

Kerri's family: Kerri, husband Adam, me & Brett, Andrew, Rachel and Chris.  Yes, they are all very tall.
No picture of Jen's family.  Bummer.  Sorry.

This afternoon, Brett's sister and her husband arrive to spend a few days with us here.  I did manage to squeeze in a ride on Lucy this morning before their arrival.  We had rain while we were gone so the arena sand was wonderfully soft and damp.  We worked on forward and back at trot -- and then Lucy offered me a few strides of collected canter.  Wowzee!  I thanked her and ended on that note.

This staycation has been the BEST!


  1. congrats on the new grandson! sweet bunch!

  2. Loved seeing the family photos...I have been keeping an eye on Merrick in FB. What a cutie. So nice to have so many family members together at the same time. I have always loved relaxing. As for your lucky dog..........

  3. Awww, baby Merrick is so cute! So nice to have the whole family together!

  4. Love, love, love the pillow in the first picture!


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