Tuesday, June 17, 2014

She's Staying!

Pistol's owner, Buffy, called me today.  She'd been thinking about how happy Pistol is here at our little ranch and about how her new home isn't set up well for a horse.  Do-able, but not great.  She decided to give us Pistol -- if we were willing to take her.

...um...let me think about that for a nano second.  Of course!

We love Pistol and, more importantly, Lucy loves Pistol.  The two mares have become quite tight.  They share their morning coffee, their afternoon naps, and their evening meals.  Pistol does think Lucy spends too much time with me and lets us know by neighing loudly while Lucy and I work in the arena.

Pistol will be retired for the most part.  At 18, she has earned that.  I'll use her for occasional trail rides and I'm sure Camille will hop on her when she visits.  Buffy will visit often and they can show us some more of their fancy moves.  Buffy gave us a glimpse the day she dropped Pistol off before going to Europe.


  1. Why am I not surprised? A win/win for Pistol, Lucy and you!

  2. Oh that is wonderful Pistol and Lucy will have a fine partnership and lots of fun. Hug B

  3. That's fun - for you, Lucy and Pistol!


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