Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Roosters and Chicken Names

The chickens are growing up.  I haven't been rushing to name them, but a few have characteristics that brought names to mind.

Like Phyllis (Diller):

And Prudence, the Plymouth Rock hen.  She's super friendly and inquisitive.

With her rooster, Calvin.

This Andalusian rooster looks very regal to me:  Lord Byron.  Or maybe Darth Vader.  Brett thinks he looks evil.

Yes, we have two roosters.  They can stay as long as they behave.  They both started crowing a couple days ago so they are definitely roosters.

And of course, there is Cleo, the beautiful Aracauna.  We're looking forward to her blue-green eggs.

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  1. another blogger pal in N.C. had a phyllis just like her. :)


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