Sunday, June 29, 2014

Kersey Adjusts

Well, actually, we are all adjusting to not having Sedona around.  Brett and I miss Sedona the most when we are doing barn chores.  Sedona was always close by, supervising, and trotting over to me for love; especially in the last months.  I keep waiting for her to appear at my side, lean into me, and drink up the love flowing from my fingers.

Kersey is a confused by the loss of Sedona.  Kersey was just weeks old when we brought her home to be a companion to Sedona.  She has lived all of her four years following Sedona around the property and sleeping between her front paws.  Kersey is a people dog and we think she will do well as an only dog if she is in the house and spends all her time with us.  Because Sedona wasn't happy in the house, and because we didn't want to separate the dogs, they were outside or in the barn all the time.  Kersey is adjusting well to life in the house.  She was crate trained as a puppy and she still loves her crate.  She has been keeping Brett company during the day while I am at work, and keeping us both company on the weekend.

When we are all in the house, we are happy.  Its novel and Kersey is busy learning the house rules; where she can and cannot sleep.  She is a fast study and has mastered the duties of house-dog-dom well.

But, when we go outside its different; hard.  Kersey looks for Sedona in the barn and in their favorite haunts. She sits in front of the barn looking forlorn.

I know we will all adjust but life is somber at Oak Creek Ranch.  Sedona left large paw prints to fill.


  1. Oh Annette this is beautifully written. Poor Kersey. Take care hug B

  2. i am glad that you can change up kersey's world (and yours) by bringing her in as a house dog. it'll never be the same without your loving shadow, though.

  3. I completely understand about the hole missing from your life... I still expect to see Storm in her favorite spot in the house or outside rolling in the leaves. I guess I was sort of lucky that Jackal never seemed to notice or care that she's gone even though he'd been with her for six years since he was a tiny puppy. I feel for poor Kersey because I know they were close. I'm glad she's able to come inside and not be alone. She will help you guys too. Jackal helped me a lot. We're thinking of you. Hugs!


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